Think. Create. Solve.

Our Approach


Successful therapeutics start and end with a molecular and biochemical understanding of disease and drug mechanism. Likewise, technology is built on the sound principles of fundamental disciplines like chemistry, biology, and physics.This understanding has led to profound discoveries that have shaped medicine and technology. 


We ask the simple question: "What do you want to accomplish?" Then we build it. We are driven by the principles of chemistry, biology, and physics and use methods like rational design, computational modeling, directed evolution, synthetic biology, and classic biochemistry. We borrow methods from different disciplines or create our own. We are guided by creativity and not limited by our tools. There is always a solution. Think, create, solve -- that's our motto. 

Test Tubes

Dr. Keith T. Gagnon, PhD, Founder and CEO

With over 17 years of experience working on RNA-guided enzymes, from snoRNAs to RNAi and CRISPR, the founder of Guide BioSci envisions a future for medicine and biotechnology that takes full advantage of the unique properties of RNA-guided enzymes.

Guide BioSci, Inc. is located in the mid-west on the beautiful campus of Southern Illinois University. It is a startup bioscience company born out of new ideas and technology emerging from the laboratory of Dr. Gagnon and his colleagues. 

Our Mission

Guide BioSci is a precision CRISPR and RNA-guided enzyme discovery and engineering company. Our mission is to invent and develop new RNA-guided tools to control biology in the laboratory, production in industry, or therapeutics in the clinic. We serve industry and academic partners who need precision engineered RNA-guided proteins or the solutions these systems can offer.

RNA-guided enzymes, from RNAi to CRISPR, have already changed the face of science and medicine. 1 in 10 people are born with a genetic disorder that could be cured by fixing the faulty gene. Genetic diseases represent a final frontier in securing human health. RNA-guided enzymes are a promising new therapeutic platform that is making treatment of genetic disease a reality.

Think forward. Create innovations. Solve problems.


October 3, 2017

Guide BioSci is announced as the runner-up for the IDT Synthetic Biology Challenge at the SynBioBeta Conference in San Francisco.

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